About Us

‘What is time?’, an age-old question no scientist has been able to fully explain.
But, we all agree that time can only moves forward.
Then come photographs, an idea about stopping time, preserving a moment within a frame, an idea that always fascinates me.
With cameras in our hand, we are looking for moments, special moments at a special time, moments that can’t be repeat.
We’re there to tell your story, a story with people you love the most. A story with laughter, tears, and full of joy, which you can’t see all, and it’s our pleasure to capture it for you.
Too keep things excited, I also do another type of photography in interior and architectural, you can see my works here. By doing another type of photography, we always try to implement all the factors that will be benefit for our photos.

Based in Bali, Indonesia.

With love

We love what we do
That's why we do what we love.
With that in mind,
we always having fun while we're working!


We always looking for new spots,
or different angles to find the best light.
We believe to make your story yours,
it should be candid, and natural.


We believe that when you look back at your wedding photos,
You’re not only see how everyone looked like,
but also remember how your happiness felt at your wedding day